today-yesterday-after tomorrow

Galerie am Platz, Eglisau, October-November 2023

A work in progress of the long-term project "Ëndërr!" in Albania.

The Kiosk

Exhibition in collaboration with nano Raum für Kunst
October 2022

It is raining in Tirana

Installative exhibition at Galerie Kriens, January 2022

A work in progress of the long-term project "Ëndërr!" in Albania.

Shi bie në Tiranë

Published in _957 Independent Art Magazine, May 2021.

A work in progress of the long-term project "Ëndërr!" in Albania.

Handling 1 to 19

Photo installation as part of the group exhibition
"WIP-KINGE" by nano - Raum für Kultur
September 2020

Ricordare Rivapiana

Published in analog magazine Issue#8

Photo installation
with sound
January 2020
Rathaus für Kultur

The Lookout IV

photo installation
at Espace Jörg Brockmann
Carouge Geneva
(April 2019)

The Lookout III

photo installation
OnPhotography 3 – Unusual Landscapes
at OnArte gallery
(October to December 2018)

The Lookout II

photo installation
at gallery widmertheodoridis
(October 2018)

The Lookout I

photo installation
at Kunstraum R57
Exposition XL
(March 2018)

Il Sussurrare delle Cose

Galeria Cons Arc, Chiasso
commissioned by
Daniela und Guido Guidici

The Whispering of Things

English edition:
edition Patrick Frey N° 285

Hardcover, 628 pages, 600 colour pictures
16.5 × 22 cm
ISBN: 978-3-906803-85-2
Language: English

Im Fluss


Highboard 47° 06‘ 48“ north, 9° 16‘ 45“ east

Solo exhibition at Tanzhaus Zürich
April 2015


Solo exhibition at Kunstraum R57, Zürich
february 2014

Exhibition at Kunstraum R57, Zürich
A contribution to Steintag (ZHdK)
December 2014

Me, myself and eye

Group exhibition at Photobastei
may 2014


Solo exhibition at Theaterhaus Gessnerallee
"Remembering Means Forgetting"
may 2012


... from a photographic diary ...
A photo essay published in Cinema #56


Summer 2011


A narration in pictures (autumn 2012)

White Nights

White Nights - St. Petersburg 2014


A place. A place of waiting, expectation. A place of promise...
(Sicily 2010)